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From two-hour sessions to a four-week immersion, here are the best cooking classes

More Food ....

No matter what your plans are post-graduation, we believe that the practical learning experience of working in the kitchen of a restaurant is invaluable.

Italian Dishes

Italian cuisine features a different variety of fresh and colourful foods

Thai Dishes

Thai food reflects Thailand's culture, environment, ingenuity and values.

Chinese Dishes

Chinese cooking incorporates styles originating from the various areas of China

Mexican Dishes

Mexican cuisine is primarily a fusion of indigenous Mesoamerican cooking with European

Our Promises and Values

Designed to propel you into your optimal food career, our rigorous curriculum is taught by experienced chef instructors


Creating authentic experiences throughout the world

Maniz Kitchen not a cookie-cutter program. Whether you're interested in a restaurant career or another food-career path such as food media, catering, or food entrepreneurship, our curriculum will support your personal career goals by giving you 30 free elective hours to pick from a roster of specialty coursework.

  • There are many variation!

  • There are many variation!

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