About Us

Hi! I’m Balaka Datta and am passionate about teaching cookery to assist enhance your kitchen skills.

I have been teaching since 2000 and that I find nice joy in seeing my students learn to cook very tasty food in easy, simple to know strategies. classes are conducted in a way to kindle and promote interest within the art of cookery.

Reward to me is receiving glorious feedback from my students and their families. I guarantee I offer personalised attention to every student and that I welcome all queries and doubts to make confidence. I feel that a cookery teacher are often judged by how many students come back once the primary class, to find out different cuisines and that I am humbly proud to say that my students love returning to me a lot of and once more to find out more. I feel in being a friend to my students and you’re free to decision me just in case of any queries even months once finishing your class.

Information About Me

I have each beginners and practiced housewives coming back to me and that I structure my classes in a very manner to allow maximized benefits to any or all.

I conduct an introductory pre speak at the beginning of the class on the topic we are managing for e.g. for a Chinese cookery class, a way to cut the vegetables professionally in a very few minutes, how to boil rice and noodles so every grain is separate and not sticking along, a way to mince ginger and garlic etc. If its ice creams i’m fond of sharing facts like how to avoid formation of crystals and enhance the life of hand-crafted ice creams.

I also advise on smart brands for various ingredients and wherever they’ll be purchased. I don’t believe keeping any secrets!

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